Linda and Bill Martin

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On Friday April 29,2016 we found out that the HVAC in the
home we were in the process of selling in Roseville, would need to be replaced before escrow could close. This was quite a blow. We went directly to Costco to begin the process of getting estimates. Our very good fortune that day was that Gary Toner was at Costco for another purpose. After discussion with your office, understanding our sense of urgency, it was decided that Gary would meet us at the property immediately.

Gary saw our needs, presented us with a number of options and gave us a very polished and professional package of information. We did further research, got two more bids, but it was clear to us that we would be in the best hands with Sierra Pacific.

The three man crew arrived on Thursday, May 5, introduced themselves and went to work like a well oiled machine. There was never a wasted motion or minute. But above all, T.J., Patrick and Cody exhibited great good cheer, thoughtfulness and professionalism. The next day Gabriel met us at the house to give us all the paperwork necessary for the city inspector…again with a smile and great cordiality.

Our gratitude to you all,

Linda and Bill Martin

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