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To whom it concerns,

We are writing this letter in regards to a recent HVAC installation that was performed by your great
company. We were impressed with the professional representatives of Sierra Pacific from the
beginning of our install process. Tom Chiriaco was incredibly friendly when he visited our home to
explain the process of how the install would work. He was informative and explained everything in
layman terms for us to better understand. He was funny and professional. He left us with an estimate
and an assurance that Sierra Pacific would treat us and the entire process with the utmost respect. My
wife and I decided to go with your company out of 3 others because of this.

Tom was very helpful in helping us complete all the paperwork we needed to begin the install
process. He let us know up front that it would take a little time before they would be able to come
out and perform the install because of how busy you all were. We had no problems with that and he
provided us with the soonest appointment.

The day of the installation, Jug 30, the installers arrived on time and ready to work. Cesar and
Gabriel introduced themselves right away and explained what they would be working on. They also
let me know that their 3rd employee, Curtis, was unavailable because of an illness the prior night.
They both worked so hard and were so professional throughout the first day process. We were
happy and shocked on how much work they completed forjust being the two of them. Prior to
leaving for the day, they informed us that someone from Sierra Pacific was on their way to deliver a
portable Air Conditioner for us to use overnight in our house. It worked wonderfully.

The second day, they were right on time. Cesar, Gabriel, and Curtis were eager to get to work and
were genuinely excited for us to have the new AC start working. They completed a tremendous
amount of work and were very professional. They also were very curious of cleaning up after
themselves as they worked. They even vacuumed behind our couch, which we knew was our dirty
mess, but did so anyway! As the process was wrapping up, they walked us through what they had
done, handed us our manuals for the AC, Thermostat, and Heater, and all other documentation. They
also explained how the permit process worked and made it easy to complete. Cesar, Curtis, and
Gabriel were some of the most professional and friendly people we have ever worked with and we
would recommend them to anyone in a heartbeat! Thank you Tom, Cesar, Curtis, Gabriel, and Sierra

Sincerely yours,

Matthew and Jennifer S.

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