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Dear Mr. Hanson,

I recently purchased a solar pool heating system through your company. I wanted to take the time to thank you and your staff for the wonderful experience I had. I solicited quotes from three different companies. One took too long to contact me back (by the time I did, I had already signed a contract with your company), and the other was selling me information that just wasn’t true. Sierra Pacific had me sold from the beginning, and
has kept me sold, and I wanted to tell you why.
The sales representative who came out was Joji John. Joji
first was he used independent facts and data from third party sources to demonstrate his product’s superiority. In doing so, he was able to demonstrate technical product capabilities in a non-technical fashion, such that I clearly understood. The competition used contrived information that was not backed by third party research – information that I later found to be untrue. The second reason was that Joji wasn’t selling to me. Nobody likes to be sold to. He was being a trusted advisor. He was telling me what I should and shouldn’t do, and what investments were and were not worth my money – even if it meant less commission to him. These kind of people are very hard to find, because they have integrity and they are focused not on their personal interests, but
rather, on that of their customers.
Next came the installation. Your installation staff, led by service and operations manager Dave Hagle, did a wonderful job. I had made the mistake of buying a pump on my own, which caused endless problems. In the end, I realized it was better to start over and buy the pump through Sierra Pacific. All of this resulted in many phone calls to Dave to sort things out, and throughout the process, he never lost patience, he was always available, and he always had someone out right away to address things. I’ve had situations, both at work and in my personal life, that once a supplier had my money, all priorities changed and all bets were off. I never got this sense with Sierra Pacific. Dave jumped on every request and gave me every bit of confidence that Sierra Pacific stands behind their products, even if there is no more money to be made from a client on a particular sale. This gives me a great feeling of conidence.
If that wasn’t all, one of your servicemen, Zack, identified that my pool sweep had a bad connection with the tubing that attached to it and he took the independent initiative to fix the issue. My pool was dirty for over a year and now it is crystal clear! My pool serviceman had told me that the root cause was that I needed a new pool sweep, which was going to cost me hundreds. It took a Sierra Pacific serviceman to step out of his job scope and fix the real problem, which cost nothing to fix but to me was priceless. Customer service doesn’t just mean that my pool water is warm, but that my pool is enjoyable as well, and your staff understands this. I am very grateful for Zack’s help in this regards.
Please consider this an ovenrvhelming thanks and recommendation for the outstanding work that your company provides. I will do more business with your firm in the future,
and l will surely recommend you to many others.

Best Regards,

Omid G.

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