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Dear Sierra Pacific Home & Comfort:

My wife Carolyn and I would like to express our thanks for an outstanding heating and air system and also to recognize the installation crew, Cesar, Gabriel, and Curtis for their hard work and exceptional professionalism.
When they arrived Cesar explained the cadence of the day’s work while Curtis let me know that as he sealed the vents, there may be some debris collecting on the floor but that he would vacuum it up when he was finished. After the installation, Cesar and Gabriel helped get the iComfort system connected to the Wi-Fi and then walked me through the icomfort settings and controls.
A We had to trim some shrubs to ensure there was an adequate service area behind the air conditioning unit and l was pleasantly surprised when I went out back after they had left and found that they had taken all of the clippings away. The crew made sure that everything was cleaned up and double checked to make sure that we did not have any additional questions.


David K.

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