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Dear Sierra Pacific,

Cesar, Curtis and Anthony these three young men who installed my HVAC system on June 8. this month were really great. Respectful to me, very knowledgebase of their responsibilities and very good work. They did not west time in the least taking, very short break and no lunch at all. It was a very hot day, temp was 106 and my AC unit is on a concrete with west sun coming down a lot of the day. Curtis and Anthony were especially kind and Cesar was stuck in hall closed with the heat and all there had a hot job. He building inspector was here Monday, June 15th. And he said as he looked in the closet inside for heat, they have done everything just right a very good job. And as we want outside for the A.C, the some as he check the fittings, hoses, fuse on the well etc. this gone me peace that I had chosen the very right company.

Thank You


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