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Dear Sierra Pacific,

Cesar was very informative. He was friendly and courteous. He explained the installation process and got right to work. I really appreciated how careful he was. I was impressed that he told me when the work he was doing was going to create a smell or noise. I wish all work crews worked like Cesar and Gabriel and Curtis.
Gabriel was friendly and great workers. He also helped keep me informed as to what was happening throughout the installation. He did a fantastic job making any outside wall look great after patching the hole left from the old AC. I was impressed with his politeness.
Curtis was also friendly and informative. I appreciated that he told me he would be making small messes while fixing all of my registers. He did a fantastic job cleaning up as well. I appreciated that hr should ne what he was doing to the vents as well.
I enjoyed watching these 3 gentlemen work together. My friend was also impressed by their professional and work quality and is considering replacing her AC also.

Thank You


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