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I would like to thank you for the excellent job of installation which you performed when installing my New Air Conditioner.
Your Team Chief, Patrick explained exactly what they were going to do. He kept me informed as each step was completed and told me what they were going to do next. When I was unclear on what was going on, Patrick or one of the crewmembers would explain things to me. This helped relieve my tension.
The operation was smooth, quick, and professional. I had the job Inspected by the County Building
Inspector who was happily satisfied with the installation.
I would like to compliment Patrick for smooth way his team works. Everyone works together so that
even though they are working on different aspects of the job their individual work all fits together so as to make a perfect job.
Patrick also showed me how to use the remote control and explained how to use the system. WORKS. I could not be happier


Robert A. C.

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