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Dear Mr. Hansen:

Thank You for the professional service you recently provided us. We were hesitant to contract
with anyone because of the cost of purchasing three HVAC systems for our home. As a result
we procrastinated until we met with Gelnn. Knowing that we were actually contracting with
Costco gave us the assurance that we would be protected if there was a problem. Moreover,
Costco provides quality products and quality services so if Sierra Pacific was chosen by Costco
the company must be reputable. Although it is too soon to say definitively that we made the
wise decision; thus far, we are satisfied.
Gelnn was a great representative for your company. He was forthright and very accommodating. The contract was not a “negotiation” where each side played hardball. He gave us a fair price and worked with our needs. In fact, Gelnn recognized that we have particular requirements and demands and suggested a crew chief for our project.

The installation crew chief, Hunter, could not have been better matched for us. We are very particular about our home and the workers who enter it. We demand competence, cleanliness, neatness and respect for our property. On occasion we have asked particular workers to leave and have terminated the job for failure to understand and meet our expectations. Hunter made the grade. He treated our home respectfully, carefully placing his tools on cloths and performing his work efficiently and neatly. He listened to our concerns with an exceptional attitude and performed accordingly. In fact, he went the extra mile. Hunter is very professional and represented your company well. Please single him out for recognition. His performance merits it. Thank you for correctly assessing our needs and assigning the right people for the job. You clearly understand the importance of customer satisfaction.

I have enclosed the Client Satisfaction Survey for your review. You should also know that I have recommended Sierra Pacific to my friends and neighbors.


Michael and Linda S.

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