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My wife and I would like to thank Sierra Pacific for a job well done in the installation of our home HVAC unit. In particular we also wish to commend the crew that performed the actual installation namely Hunter, Cody B., Sam and Anthony. Being in the computer maintenance field myself for the past 35 years I know the value of doing things right during installation. And I am happy to say that this crew performed extremely well and exceeded my expectations.

I liked the way they performed their jobs well independently and when a task requires it, worked smoothly and eficiently together. They answered my questions , explained what they were doing and did not mind me looking over their shoulders while doing their tasks. They were very professional in their demeanor, had great attitude and showed that they liked their job and really cared in doing it. They made sure the area they worked in and around was always clean when they left for the day.

At the completion of the installation, Hunter invited me to check the unit in the attic. He showed me the various components, positioning of air ducts to achieve maximum air flow, taught me how to replace the filter and erased my wife’s concern of fire hazard due to the heater’s pilot light. He assured her no more pilot light, that it’s all electronic now! Needless to say the installation in the attic was very well done. He also showed us how to program the thermostat with optimum settings for maximum comfort with minimal power requirement.

This has been a pleasant experience for us from start to finish. We will surely recommend Sierra Pacific to our families and friends.



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