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Dear Mr. Hanson:

Last Thursday, February 19, 2015. I phoned your company to ask for service for a problem with the solar system your company installed on my son’s house, 342 Iris Circle in Folsom.
Your receptionist was very courteous and after determining which department could best assist me, she connected me to your solar service representative, Jennifer. Now, when I had your company place solar panels on the roof of my house and install the necessary system in July 2014, Jennifer kept in touch to insure things installed properly. At that time, I began to appreciate her professional concern and a tremendous representative of your organization.
In my most recent contact with Jennifer, she at once took charge to insure delivery of the best service possible. She dispatched a technician the same afternoon of the day I spoke with her and scheduled another technician to come to my son’s house early the following morning (Friday) to make required repairs; which he accomplished promptly and effciently.
I appreciate the customer service of your organization and I have recommended your company to neighbors and friends because of your great customer service characteristics, for the quality of the materials used for your solar systems, and for your efficient installation of solar systems.
After checking into your AC and heating servicing, I would hope that your pricing could a bit more competitive as I would seriously begin that service. However, not expecting a perfect world, I cannot say enough good things about the solar element of your company.
Thank you, for the opportunity to experience excellent customer service, which Jennifer is undoubtedly
the exceptional leader.

Phil L.

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