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Dear Jason,

Just a short note to comment on my experience with your employee’s and your company in regards to my solar project. My initial contact with you personally followed a lengthy conversation with my long-term friend Sue Kateleywith the Solar Commission. She recommended Sierra Pacific as the best and most trustworthy
company in the business, and you lived up to that reputation throughout the process.
Thomas Chiriaco came out, gave me all the information that I needed, answered all my infinite questions, and laid out a system that made total electrical and financialsense. He even planned future expansion of the system should we decide at a future date that we need more power.
Your scheduler, Jennifer Lowe, worked closely with me to get everything moving as quickly and efficiently as possible resulting in the system being installed and functional approx. 6 weeks early.
Jose Ramirez and his installation creiwshowed-up early for the installation, explained every step in detail, and worked efficiently but carefully to completion. I felt that he went above and beyond normal expectations to place the inverter exactly where I wanted it and almost invisible.
Great job by a||!!
And the bonus is: it all works as planned.
In summation, I am happy that I made the decision to join the solar community, and I am totally pleased with Sierra Pacific and how they made that happen for me. I highly recommend your company to all..

Michael D Quessenberry D.

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