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l went to my local Costco (1600 Expo Pkwy, Sacramento CA) and saw you kiosk on the way out. The representative was named Don. He was very friendly and knew what he was talking about. He is the
main reason Sierra Pacific got in the door. He set up the apt and they even called in the time frame I gave. This was big for me since I work nights. l set up the appointment for the next week and Gary called to confirm my apt. Gary showed up on time, was dressed professionally, and very friendly. He looked at my A/C unit and my furnace. He showed me three options to go with since I only need a furnace; my A/C unit was less than a few years old. He gave me all three proposals in writing, (something a lot of companies DO NOT Do) and answered all my questions. We plan on getting our furnace replaced before the New Year and Sierra Pacific will de?nitely be getting our business. From start to finish this was a great experience. Your company’s customer service is the best we have come across after buying our home. i will also HIGHLY recommend your company to all my friends and family! Kudos to Don and Gary for their customer service skills.


John C.

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