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It is my pleasure to share with you my experience the last two days with your HVAC installation crew who were in my home. Brian (crew leader), Chris, Phillip, and Cody were four of the nicest, respectful young men we have had working in our home. Our installation took nearly two full days and the guys went out of their way to be as unobtrusive as possible.

The first test for them was putting my protective lab at ease. It only took one or two barks at the door and all of the boys instinctively waited for her to approach them to “check them out”. From that point on, there was no trouble with her or for her (other than an occasional growl when someone appeared unexpectedly). I can’t say your average worker would have been that trusting and comfortable with the family dog.

Brian walked me through the process, first verbally, and when it was all completed, physically. He checked in repeatedly, just to let me know what the crew would be doing. He put me at ease to the point where I was more than comfortable leaving the house to do a couple of errands each day.

The crew was efficient, careful, and conscientious about their work. They checked and double-checked. They answered questions when I had them. I couldn’t have asked for a nicer, more competent group of young men. As Brian shook my hand as he was leaving, I thanked him for doing such a nice job and being respectful of my home. He replied, simply, “My mom taught me right.” She did, indeed, Brian, she did indeed.


Cheryl C.

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