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Dear Mr. Hanson,

My wife just entered the house we built in 1966 high in the Sierras and did something unprecedented: she turned DOWN the thermostat. The new 125,000 BTU heater you installed along with patching the duct work has made a several decade overly cool house into a warm and pleasant one. My thanks to you and the Sierra Pacific team for doing a great job for Diana and me.

Best Regards,


Freeman F., Chairman & Founder

FAFCO Solar Water Heating


I just wanted to let you know how pleased I was with the technicians who installed our new air conditioner today (August 20). From the moment they arrived to when they left, they were polite, friendly and professional. I was thrilled to see them put down a drop sheet to protect our tiles and carpet (we take our shoes off before we come in the house to keep our flooring clean), they kept their work areas clean (both inside and outside), and Brian even took some pictures in the attic so I could see what they did :). The installation of the outside unit was also nicely done. Once the installation was complete, Brian went over the paperwork with me (warranties, instructions, etc.) and scheduled a date for the final inspection from the city of Folsom.

I will send in the completed Client Satisfaction Survey once my husband returns from a business trip on Friday. He was the main contact for the salesman (Dominic C.) and he will be better able to fill out the rest of the form. I just wanted to let you know how things went today.

Thank you Brian, Cory and Chris.

-Carol P.

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