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Dear Ms. Meade,

During the semi-annual inspections of our HVAC system, your technician Tony suggested that we install two HCC cabinets. He was very thorough in the explanation, and brought the cabinets and filters for us to inspect. We agreed to do it, and set up an installation date for November 16.
He came promptly on Monday, and worked late until early evening. He was unable to complete the job through no fault ofhis own. He finished it last night.
Through the entire time that he was here, Tony was professional, friendly, and very respectful. He explained the process and gave us updates throughout the day as he was doing the job.
We have always been pleased with the professionalism ofSierra Pacific staff, both on the phone and in—home visits. Tony stands out among staffthat are already outstanding.

Best regards,

Mari P.

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