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Dear Glenn,

This letter is to let you know that our new heating and air conditioning system has been installed, and the experience could not have been better. Right on schedule the morning of the 28th of October, Brad and his crew arrived and began the messy and unpleasant task of tearing out old equipment and 50 year old ducting from under the house. They were finished by early afternoon, and cleaned up so well it was hard to see they had been here. We were out of town all day on Friday the 1st of November, and when we arrived home the house was an even, cozy 70 degrees, with all the manuals left on the table. The system is wonderful, what an improvement over the old one. The house heats up in the morning in less than half the time it took before, the new ducting system delivering the air quietly as well as efficiently.

As always with retrofitting and rebuilding, there were a few unexpected challenges. The attic installation presented difficulties with the permit required by the City of Woodland, and the situation was a bit touch-and-go for a while on the day this was discovered. Brad understood that we were not willing to be without heating for the duration until everything resolved, and he found a way to get our system installed and operational, while satisfying the permit process with extra engineering, at no additional cost to us.

The job was a big one, requiring 4 days of constant disruption in our home. Every single man on the crew was pleasant, respectful and professional at all times, and we appreciated the way they interacted with each other, as mates on the job, conversing like gentlemen even when they were not aware we might be listening. During the years we have lived in many houses, had many crews working on all sorts of construction and repair projects, and this crew stands out as the best of the best. Their behavior and work ethic was what we hope for in our kids.

When we requested information from Costco on a new system, we intended to check out a few and compare, but your presentation was so thorough and non-pressured that as you know, we signed a contract that very day. We’re glad we did this, so nice to have a great new system. Thanks and well done.

-Robert and Kathryn, HVAC Heating and Air Conditioning

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