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Today 10-18-2013 my new unit heating and air was installed. The crew was awesome. Patrick Chris & Brian were 3 of the nicest guys,Well mannered and told me what they were doing. By far the Best Crew I have ever had working on one of my homes, I will recommend to any one i know. They were PROS one again the Crew was GREAT!

Serria Pacific

I stuck a note in with the survey, but i forgot to mention the rest of the team. Dave Cox at costo was a great Person, he explained how the company worked. He explained everything to me.
Gary the Salesman he did all the paper work and told me what the fitter and crew would do. He met me twice at Costco as it took me two days to work out my Payment it took quite a while at castco he was there the whole time. He Stopped by this afternoon to see how things were going.another good team member.
The fitter called to make an App. he called to let me know he was coming he Showed up on time, He explained everything how and what would be done.
Then the Awesome crew called and said they would be here by 8AM they finished by 2PM awesome Crew.

-John Harlan : HVAC Heating and Air Conditioning

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