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“On June 19, 2007, Mr. Mike Messenger came to my residence to

give me a free estimate on the cost of installing solar panels to my roof

for the purpose of providing heat for my built-in swimming pool in

my backyard. During the course of performing the estimate, we noticed

my German Shepherd dog was outside in the backyard and incessantly

barking at the back door. We exited my dining room in the backyard

through that door to determine what the dog was barking at and discovered

it was a rattlesnake, coiled against and under the back door. Mr.

Messenger was instrumental in assisting me in restraining my dog,

preventing him from being bit, and instrumental in getting the

rattlesnake confined in a plastic ice chest…” ” I am writing

this letter to express my deepest appreciation and gratitude to Mr.

Messenger for his courageous, unselfish and unrelenting assistance and to

inform his manager of his courageousness.”

-Kathy, Wilton: Solar Pool Heating

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