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Dear Sierra Pacific Management Team,

I want to express what a wonderful experience my husband and I had with the entire HVAC sales and installation process. It is apparent that the company prides itself in hiring the best employees. I would like to acknowledge those that worked with us.
Dominick did a fantastic job providing options and thoroughly explained the cost breakdown for each making our decision very clear. He continued to follow up to ensure we received our rebates.
My biggest gratitude goes toward Patrick, T], and Cody for the exceptional job they did with the install. We have an old house with a VERY small attic. Even though they knew how difficult and disgusting of a job this was it never affected their attitudes or abilities to remain professional. If anything, I believe they saw this as a challenge and succeeded to overcome whatever obstacles they faced with team work, comradery, and skill. I was truly entertained each day they were there listening to them. As a customer, it is comforting to realize that the installers really enjoy and want to do what they are doing. I trusted they really cared and wanted to do the best they could. I don’t know much about HVAC installation but the difference they made in the gross old attic space leads me to believe they went above and beyond the norm. They did a greatjob of anticipating homeowner needs too. If anyone would have told me how tidy they would be during the process I would have thought they were lying to me, so I really appreciated how well they protected and picked up the house before they left each day. They were also very efficient, not just with their arrivals, but with giving me a head’s up on details that needed to be done the next day so I could prepare in advance. It sounds silly to say but they truly endeared themselves to me and my husband and I was almost sad when the job was done!
I would have no hesitations recommending or using Sierra Pacific in the future.
Thank you again for obviously hiring and retaining the best employees.


Justin and Layle B.

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