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Dear Mike Dale,

We would like to share with you the outstanding experience that we’ve had with our recent solar installation. We contacted your company at the suggestion of a relative who had solar installed by Sierra Pacific and was pleased with the results. We would like to highlight several people who collectively contributed to the great experience.

Kirk Bassler gave us well informed, honest insight into our solar options without pressuring us to sign a contract like some of your competitors had done. He was able quickly to understand our present and future power needs and present options that made sense. He also explained how other options wouldn’t make sense because they would end up costing more money without providing a benefit. The pre-sales experience was definitely much better with your company than the others that we had contacted.

Jennifer Lowe made sure that we were kept up to date all the way through the end of installation. She explained in detail and in an easy to understand way what we needed to provide (for example, obtain HOA approval, inspection sign-off signature), the timeline for the installation and the steps that the installation crew would be taking once they arrived at our home. She always responded quickly to our questions and provided excellent customer service.

The installation crew, led by Jose Ramirez were very courteous, fast and thorough. Jose explained the entire installation process and timeline the first morning and then continued to keep us up to date as the installation progressed. The crew arrived on time each morning and quickly got to work. The quality of workmanship looks very good in the attic, garage and on the roof. The crew did a very good job at keeping the work site clean and not damaging our home or landscape. Finally, the walk-through went smoothly without any issues. Jose did a great job explaining the operation and maintenance of the system and the following day we successfully passed the county inspection.


-Steve and Jill M., HVAC Heating and Air Conditioning

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