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“My name is Craig. Last year you folks installed your FAFCO

Solar Heating panels on my garage for our pool. It was around April. We

have a big pool but it went from about 58 degrees to about 78 degrees in

a week! Plus I was swimming comfortably in October. This year with

the warm weather in March the pool has been about 76 to 78 the last

couple of weeks. I love swimming and your solar system has added many,

many months. When I had a couple sale folks out here before buying, your

guy was the most knowledgeable and helpful. And your product backed up

his excellent help. I’ll make sure to tell anyone I can that you folks

are the best in town for solar pool heating. I hope you folks are as

proud of your great product and service as you should be!”

-Craig: Solar Pool Heating

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