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  • Solar panels are a great way to save energy, but make sure you align them in the right direction. Facing the panels west creates energy in the afternoon when demand is high and aligns with the electrical grid.
  • Fireplaces are a great way to heat your home in the winter to save on utility bills. As long as you have a natural gas connection or propane availability, you can install a gas fireplace almost anywhere in your home.
  • Thanksgiving is over and now you’re left with the clean-up. To remove the burned turkey from your roasting pan, add 1/4 cup dish detergent and 1/4 cup baking soda to the pan, fill with hot water and soak overnight.
  • A new study says the Californian solar boom makes the state a national leader in solar energy.
  • Need to replace your old thermostat? Improve your home’s heating efficiency and save money by installing a new programmable thermostat.

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