How to Troubleshoot Your AC Unit Before Calling for AC Repair in Elk Grove

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When it comes to AC repair in Elk Grove does it ever feel like your air conditioning unit is governed by Murphy’s Law? Anything that can go wrong with it will … usually on the hottest, sweatiest, most uncomfortable day of the summer. No fun.

We can’t guarantee that this article will make dealing with a busted air conditioning unit any more enjoyable. But use these troubleshooting tips BEFORE calling for Elk Grove air conditioning repair and maybe you won’t need to call in the cavalry.

How to Troubleshoot Your AC Unit Before Calling for AC Repair in Elk Grove

Step 1: Assess the problem.

Understanding the symptom is the first step towards finding a cure. What exactly is wrong with your air conditioner? Is it not working at all? Is it cooling very little or blowing warm air?

Step 2: Check the circuit breaker and fuses.

It pays to start by checking the obvious. If your air conditioner isn’t working at all the first thing to check are your circuit breakers and fuses. Check to make sure they’re securely in place, switched on, and not blown out. During the summer months when A/C use is at its peak it can be easy for your air conditioning unit to overload a circuit, especially if it shares that circuit with another appliance.

Step 3: Check the outdoor unit for dirt and debris.

Twigs, leaves, dust and dirt can easily build up on your outside unit’s grille and this can cause a host of problems ranging from reducing airflow to jamming the unit’s fan. If the outdoor unit appears to be dirty, turn off the unit, unplug it, and then use a garden hose to wash away any debris.

Step 4: Check the evaporator coils.

Unplug your outside unit and open the main duct (called the “plenum”) to have a look at your evaporator coils. (You’ll need to use a screwdriver to access the evaporator.) Are they dusty or dirty? If so, this can dramatically reduce your AC unit’s ability to function and you may have found the culprit for its less than stellar performance. Use a hand mirror and stiff brush to carefully clean the evaporator coils and then restart your air conditioner to see if that fixed the problem.

Step 5: If all else fails call for service.

If you’ve given troubleshooting your best shot and your air conditioner still is working properly, don’t worry. After all, trying and failing is better than not trying at all, right? Of course a DIY self-esteem boost is fine and dandy but it’s not going to make your house feel any less miserable. When all else fails it’s time to call the professionals.

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