Tune Up Your Air Conditioner For Peak Performance

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Air conditioners are hardworking machines and without proper service and maintenance, their performance deteriorates. This loss of effectiveness results in both a decrease in functioning—leaving you warmer when you’d like to be cool—and an increased appetite for the energy you pay good money for. Fortunately, with just a quick tune up from Sacramento HVAC specialists, your air conditioner can be restored and stay in top condition for much longer.

How Do You Know Your Air Conditioner Needs A Tune Up?

Your air conditioner does not need to be broken before you request a tune up. In fact, just like you have your car’s oil changed and the tires rotated, regular tune-ups are one of the best ways to prevent serious problems that can cause the unit to break down. Scheduled maintenance and inspections are the best way to ensure your air conditioner is running smoothly.

There are, however, a few signs that indicate your air conditioner needs to be serviced immediately. The most common tell tale sign is when the unit starts making unfamiliar noises. Noise could mean a part is loose or something is caught in the system and being tossed around. If you notice strange sounds coming from your cooling system that you do not recognize, it is best to switch it off completely and call an HVAC specialists to inspect it.

Other indicators include leaking, small pools of water underneath the device, an unpleasant smell and unusually warm air when in use. It might also start cooling some parts of the room better than others. If one part of the room is cool and other areas are slightly warmer, you should consult a specialist quickly.

What Is A Tune Up?

A tune up is a professionally administered process where a specialist inspects, cleans and repairs an air conditioning system to restore normal function. The expert is likely to adjust the thermostat to help regulate the air temperature, fix the wiring, ensure that the fan is well-lubricated and inspect compressor amps.

They might also clean the condenser, drain and evaporator coil. After performing these tasks, it is crucial for the expert to conduct thorough checks for safety and performance. There’s more to a tune-up than just cleaning the filter.

Why Is A Tune Up Important?

Through use and time, air conditioners lose their ability to run smoothly. The more they struggle to function, the more energy they use up. Having your system tuned will therefore cut out additional energy costs.

Also, it’s important to note that when an air conditioner begins to show the previously-mentioned signs of damage, continuing to use it will only worsen the damage to the system. The best thing to do is to shut it down and have it tuned to save you the cost and hassle of buying a new system.

Another benefit of tuning is that it improves longevity. Conditioners that receive regular tune ups are likely to last twice as long. Regular cleaning can prevent substances from accumulating and clogging the air system, leading both to cleaner, fresher indoor air and protecting your system from damaging particulate accumulation.

Next time you suspect your air conditioner needs a looking over, call Sacramento HVAC specialists for a professional tune up. Whether you are installing your first cooling system or need an older one repaired,  a professional can help you give your air conditioner the care it needs to give you years of fresh, cool air.

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